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Garbha Sanskar – an ancient way to have super baby

‘Garbha Sanskaar’ is a process of nurturing the baby in the womb. It is also a process of training the baby as well as the mother’s mind during pregnancy. Garbha Sanskaar comprises of two words, “Garbha” – foetus (union of shukra and shonit) and “sanskaar” – Sanskaro gunantra dhanam. Sanskaar means to replace bad qualities with good ones. Simply we can call it making changes. Sanskaar is the process which changes the property of the thing on which it is done.


We can take the example of an artist who changes a big stone into a good sculpture. The process of Garbha Sanskaar is similar. If good, hard and consistent efforts are made by parents, especially by the mother, to implant good properties in the baby in the womb, it results in good qualities being adapted by the baby that will be born with good and desirable qualities.


The process of Garbh Sanskaar starts right from the stage of planning because nowadays the baby should be born by choice, not by chance. The thought process of the mother plays a valuable role in nurturing the baby’s mind. Therefore it is suggested to the would-be mother to protect her thought process during her pregnancy period. It is suggested that she be in good, enjoyable company. This is because every single thought which comes to her mind, whether expressed or not, makes an impact on the baby’s mind. This is because the mind of the baby and the mother is intact and joined with each other. The main requirement is to transmit good values and to establish communication with the baby in the womb.


Thoughts and feelings of the parents also affect the baby. Even before the thought is expressed, it remains in an unexpressed form in mind. At that time its wavelength is shortest and its energy is at its maximum level.


Intentional, directed, selfless, unspoken thoughts lead to maximum Sanskaar on the foetus. To develop the desired qualities in the baby every mother should follow the process of Garbha Sanskaar.


We know as we browse the internet an image is reflected and stored in the memory. It also gets stored when we create any new document and give the command save. It is the same with our mind and baby’s mind. So we have to train our mind to detect unwanted things to install an antivirus in the mind to keep away from incoming viruses and prevent the mind from getting corrupted as for the baby’s mind also. This needs perfect training which is given during the Garbha Sanskaar workshops and classes. The program is designed for pregnant ladies from the 10th week to the 36th week which includes :


1. Mantro-charan session or meditation.

2. Yoga session.

3. Music therapy.

4. Diet Consultation.


A) In the Mantro-charan session the mother-to-be sits in a comfortable position with closed eyes and follows the instructors breathing exercise, pranayam, mantra chanting, listening, and visualizing the womb. All the while undergoing mind training, learning and communicating with the baby the desired qualities. The idea behind this session is to get her mind and body to stabilize and then connect with the baby.


B) Yoga– This session includes regular exercises and asana which are to be done during pregnancy.


C) Music therapy – It is believed that music is a very unique art form which encompasses all of life affecting and healing our body, heart, mind and soul.


D) Diet- Month wise diet plans are very important and Ayurveda prescribes
monthly diet plans. Every month, the development of a baby requires some particular food which helps in better development inside the womb. In this way, adopting the above regime during pregnancy can give us the desired progeny and give a great contribution to our society and the next generation as well.

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