Dr. Saahil Langer
Dr. Saahil Langer with Ossi Viljakainen
Dr. Saahil Langer is a dedicated Ayurvedic Physician and treats his patients with the highest degree of respect and care. He provides individualized treatments to enhance their overall quality of life and well-being.
He served as an expert Ayurvedic Doctor on a team, working with other healthcare professionals to provide medical treatment at the Neelkanth Healthcare Clinic for three years. Dr. Langer was a leading physician of the Panchkarma Department at Arun International Ayurvedic Hospital in Punjab. He was overseeing their Panchkarma programs and worked closely with each patient on a daily basis to provide overall healthcare. He holds a Bachelor’s of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery degree from University of Jammu. Dr. Langer has received additional specialized clinical training in Agnikarma, Leech therapy & Panchkarma procedure and manufacturing herbs under various leading Ayurvedic teachers.
Doctor Saahil Langer has been practicing for over 11 years and treated over thousands of patients with all acute and chronic health conditions. Currently, he is the owner and founder of Praanad Ayurved Clinic in Akhnoor, Jammu. In addition, he is very passionate about manufacturing his own ayurvedic medicines with original ayurvedic formulations given in the ancient Vedic Texts. He uses high quality raw herbs to make his products.
Along with his clinical practice, he enjoys teaching and has given many lectures on basic, advanced & clinical practices of Ayurveda. Dr. Langer is very dedicated to sharing the wisdom of Ayurveda throughout the world. He has taught in class and provided on-line lectures to many parts of the world. He has extensive knowledge and is very passionate about teaching Ayurveda. Dr. Saahil Langer had organized camps with his students to provide free consultations including free distribution of herbs to the elderly in Jammu. He has travelled a lot and attended national and international seminars and was inspired by many eminent personalities of Ayurveda. This inspired him to take his clinic to a next level, manufacturing his own herbs with original vedic formulations and teaching and spreading the wisdom of Ayurveda.