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All you need to know about chapped lips according to Ayurveda

Are you embarrassed with your chapped lips over your date? If not, then you might have been fed up with eating spicy food with chapped lips at least once till now. Yes? Well, you need not get upset. Here, we are for your help through Ayurveda and home remedies.


Why do lips get chapped according to Ayurveda?


Well if you are here at “Praanad Ayurved” you must be knowing about the three doshas mentioned in Ayurveda. Chapped lips are caused due to vitiation of Vata dosha in our body. This condition of lips can be correlated with vataj oshtharog.


Here are some reasons for your cracked lips

  • Dry weather conditions.
  • Biting or pricking your lips more often.
  • Excessive licking of lips.
  • Dehydration.
  • Over sun exposure.
  • Using harsh chemical products over your lips.
  • Malnutrition or certain medications.

How would you know that your lips are chapped?


Most of us are quite learned about this but, some must have experienced chapped lips for the first time. So, for you, the symptoms are below –

  • Rough, hard, black, acutely painful lips.
  • Dryness, redness, or flakes over lips. Bleeding or burning sensation.

How chapped lips are treated with Ayurveda?

Ayurvedic treatment for chapped lips includes –

    1. Massaging with four types of mentioned sneh (fats)
      To get rid of chapped lips, you can massage your lips with four types of fats along with beeswax. The four types of fats are – oil, ghee, bone marrow and muscle fat.
    2. Nadi Sweda
      This process provides herbal steam to your lips and it comprises tubular fomentation. In it, vapours of the herbal decoction are directed over your lips via a tube (nadi).
    3. Nasya
      You must have heard about this panchakarma therapy before. In this, oil of vata pacifying herbs is administered into both of the nostrils.
    4. Application of herbal ointment It is a medicated lip ointment that includes ghee, oil, salt tree resin, rock salt, jaggery, and many more. You can simply apply it over your lips.
    5. Exfoliation of lips: These days lip scrubs are quite popular, but let me tell you the method  of lip exfoliation is thousands of years old. Here you rub or scrub your lips with medicated herbal powders.
  2. What are the home remedies for chapped lips?


Apart from the above Ayurveda treatments, if you’re lips are mildly cracked you can try these home remedies.

  • Application of fresh aloe Vera gel, honey cucumber juice or coconut oil.
  • Rubbing of soaked green tea bag over your lips.
  • Use a good lip balm, avoid smoking and too much sun exposure.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and moisturize your lips regularly.

At the bottom line


If you are not benefitting with home remedies or have chapped lips from several days then, you must consult a doctor once. Sometimes it could be infection or indication of any serious ailment

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